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Tswela Timetable Free Trail

Reliable Tswela School Timetable Software

Discover fast, easy, reliable timetable software for your school. Timetabling could not be easier with our simple colour-coded steps!

Not only does Tswela Timetable Software provide a secure framework to get your school Timetable up and running quickly, but human support is only a phone call away.

Timetable Helpdesk

Our capable helpdesk consultants will provide all the software support you might need, every step of the way.
Their knowledge is backed up by a strong team of software engineers who is dedicated to the best Timetable and Software Support in the industry.

Fastest Integrated Timetable Software

Why is our timetable software so fast? At Tswela we use SQL database technology that makes data mining super fast. This means that Timetable data is indexed to ensure that data retrieval is quick and efficient.

The Tswela Timetable is 100% integrated with Edupac SchoolLink and absorbs new information automatically.
No manual data imports of new teachers, classes or subjects for your timetable is necessary.
For more info on efficient and integrated School Administration programs, click here

Tswela School Timetable Program

  •   User-friendly and versatile
  •   Web-based program
  •   One input screen for allocations and selections
  •   Timetable result options can be stored and compared
  •   Multi-user data entry and usage
  •   Teachers, subjects, grades and classes imported from and exported as CSV files
  •   Timetable reports generated in PDF format for filing and emailing
  •   Detailed timetable help videos and documentation
  •   Program and data storage is provided and maintained reliably on Tswela's central file server
  •   School does not need additional file server or network infrastructure

Note: All data captured during your Free Timetable Trial will be stored on the Tswela File Server and will be available for a 90 day evaluation period.
Should you wish to purchase the Tswela Timetable, your Free Trial period data will be available.

Click the Free Trial button to experience a trouble-free Timetable software solution. Then click on "new user".

Tswela Timetable successes

School Computer Training

At Tswela Services, we also understand your computer training needs:
  •  The importance of hands-on computer training by patient, experienced trainers who communicate
  •  Training material that promotes in-depth knowledge with case studies to run your school efficiently and
  •  Tailor-made Training programs to support better computerized School Administration and Management.

Software Development

Tswela Services is a leader in Software Development and training, not just focusing on the school environment. Due to demand by companies, we have further expanded our professional services in the Commercial Software Development area as well.

We avoid problems caused by lack of testing and low standards, communicate clearly to determine real needs and operate effectively within budget and time frames. Click on our Services page for our complete service offering.

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