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Tswela Services (Pty) Limited was established in 1997...    

Tswela was re-structured in November 2009 to fill the growing demand for software development, computer training and timetable development in industry.

The company's service profile was expanded with the appointment of highly skilled software developers to complement the development of web-based applications and training material using leading edge software development tools and strategies.

The dynamic team is committed to delivering super-efficient service and hassle-free computing to all players in the field.

Service delivery on national level in Namibia has set the company well apart from competitors lately. The team is led by Managing Director, Pieter Pienaar.

Managing Director - Pieter Pienaar

Pieter Pienaar is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer who gained valuable experience in Advanced Applications and Quality Assurance Management, as well as managing development teams within the South African IT Industry. His 20 years' IT Development and Training has stood him in good stead in his current cutting edge research and development role.

Pieter's focus within Tswela Services (Pty) Limited is to ensure that the best possible leading edge technology, content for software development, as well as courseware is sourced, adhering to both global and national software development standards. His detailed approach to project development and project management elevates each assignment to an exceptionally high professional standard.

Pieter's people skills and management ability provide a dynamic environment for growth for Tswela Services and encourage the development of top industry-related staff.

Chairperson & Marketing Director - Marie-Anne Kleynhans

Marie-Anne Kleynhans has been actively involved in the ICT service delivery of School Management Solutions in Southern Africa since 1993.

It is her vision that all 27,000+ schools in South Africa will empower themselves with leading edge and easy-to-use school management software solutions. Her 28+ years' experience in software development, 15+ years service in the Education sector as businesswoman, as well as her B.Comm degree in Business Economics, ensure that Tswela delivers a superior timetable software solution.

Marie-Anne focuses on marketing and guarantees that the professional image of Tswela Services is upheld at all times. Her involvement as the Managing Director of Edupac Software Support Services (Pty) Ltd for the last 13 years, delivering EDUPAC School Management Software, training services and product support to schools in South Africa, create a holistic focus towards training and upliftment in the educational arena.

Financial and Technical Director - Theo Kleynhans

Theo Kleynhans is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with a background, amongst others, as Business Analyst and Business Systems Developer. He has extensive experience in financial management and management of software in the training and quality assurance field. His passion for software efficiency and IT supply optimization, makes him ideal for the day-to-day financial and operational management at Tswela.

Theo's international ICT project management experience and vast knowledge of software operations, ensure a stable and secure development arena at all times. His meticulous approach to developing training manuals and his commitment to providing outstanding technical service delivery on roll-outs and maintenance, teamed with his skill at sorting all aspects financial, result in continued company excellence.

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