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Tswela Timetable Free Trail

Tswela Timetable Software

The Tswela Timetable System allows you to set up and generate a timetable that matches the specific needs of your school in no time.

Colour-coding, following the easy menu-based breadcrumbs and circling of selected menu items, eliminate any confusion in the step-by-step simple process.

Tswela Timetable will make the following tasks easy to start, simple to use and quick to complete: Try our Free Trial by clicking on the button to experience a brilliant Timetable solution.

Set Up

  •   Set Up Cycle, Periods, Grades, Classes, Buildings, Rooms and Subjects.
  •   Assign Subjects to Grades.
  •   Define Spread (Time of Day)
  •   Set Up Rooms per Subject per Grade.

Buidings and Rooms
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Grades and Classes
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General Activities

  •   Create General Activity Types (Assembly, Register, Breaks, Meetings)
  •   Place General Activities on Timetable Grades, Classes, Educators and Rooms
  •   Manually place subjects or subject groups where required
  •   Generate Timetables that match your needs.


  •   Allocate Educators to Subjects or Subject Splits per Grade or Class
  •   Define number of periods per subject, Splits (Quad, Triple, Double and Single Periods)
  •   Link classes together in class groups for subjects or combinations
  •   Create Subject combinations, groups (ties) for various subject choices


  •  Basic Set-up and Utilization
  •  Timetables for School, Grade, Class, Educator and Room.
  •  Summary Timetables (Grouped by Day) for Class, Educator and Room.
  •  Educator substitution

The Tswela Timetable software system creates timetables the fastest, easiest way. Tswela Services simplifies your school timetable software more than ever before.

On-Line Tswela Timetable

We now introduce super efficient On-line Tswela Timetable. You get all the benefits of the trusted Tswela Timetable, but with added safety and convenience with the On-line Tswela Timetable. Infrastructure and hardware cost can also be reduced by more than 60% by using the On-line Tswela Timetable. Your data is reliably backed up daily.

Leading Edge Software Development allows Tswela to offer our Timetable as Software as a Service (SaaS), making your timetable easier, cheaper and more risk-free.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a Software Service hosted on the internet, where it is easily accessed from wherever you are, at any time. You can even set up and generate your timetable from the comfort of your own home. Timetable flexibility at its best.

Updates require only logging in and updates happen automatically - fast, bug-free, similar to your on-line banking upgrades.

How will your school benefit?

  •  Latest software available quickly from anywhere on the internet.
  •  Reduced workload on internal IT staff at your school.
  •  No installation problems; just register and log-in for your timetable.
  •  No data security hassles - no crashes and back-up issues.
  •  Upgrades are free and don't cost you time and money to implement.
  •  The database is scalable - more data storage at no additional cost.
  •  Cost saving on computer memory requirements and hard disk space.
  •  No expensive and time-wasting IT maintenance call-outs.

Total ICT operational cost reduction at your school can be more than 60%!

The Tswela remote and secure Client File Server is the doorway to all your timetable needs.

We offer a virus-free data and application environment, secure back-ups and uptime to the Tswela File Server - efficiency all the way.

For more info on SaaS, (www.saas.com) click here and click on White Paper under Quick Links to the right of your screen.

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School Information
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General Activities
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